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“Now, people can apply their faith freely, and those who need to cowl themselves have the choice to do so,” Sadagat, the proprietor of an Islamic clothes retailer in Sumgayit, told Eurasianet. But she mentioned that social strain, related to a basic perception linking the hijab with extremism, remains. “Some women find yourself taking off the hijab, just to avoid additional consideration in public,” she said. Her plan to fake a marriage with a good friend failed however she escaped once more and located a lawyer in Baku via an organization that assists women who’re victims of domestic violence.

The group additionally states that they need to advance younger women and girls’ equality, nonviolence, development, and, most significantly, empowerment of ladies in all sectors of society. For these functions they published Femina , the first feminist monthly digest in Azerbaijan, addressing issues of feminism in the country and around the world, with the principle ambition of familiarizing Azerbaijani women with feminist concepts, debates and actions in different nations, as well as offering access to data printed by similar teams. Azerbaijan Feminist Group states that of particular concern to them is the talk over equality underneath the regulation and access to equal alternatives in practice for Azerbaijani women; as well as attaining higher academic alternatives for ladies, encouraging women to vote and to take part in the democratic improvement of Azerbaijani society, and supporting weak women teams in society, including refugee women, pensioners, and single mothers.

This quickly modified as activists started to realize the chances brought in by way of the “political results of latest community formations emergent inside the crowd” ([51], p. 39). One of the very first flash mobs in Azerbaijan happened in 2009 when “small groups of young people wearing black appeared within the streets of Baku”, some of them walking with purple carnations in their hands, some whistling, and a few of them turning their backs to the “stage through the Flower Day night live performance” ([fifty two], p. three). Women’s social activism, initially dominated by charity and promotion of nationalism, is progressively gaining gender-consciousness.

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Veyselova of the State Committee on Family also mentioned she had by no means obtained a complaint about job discrimination related to the hijab. But Kamilova, the linguistics major, stated she had not reported any of her experiences in the job interviews, believing no one would act. “Women in hijab are just a minority in society, so no one would hear us,” she mentioned.

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Along with that, hijab wearers say, has come a backlash. By their physical type, they relate primarily to the Caspian type of the Southern type of the Caucasian race. Caspian type is similar to the Mediterranean one, to which the Italians and other half-Asian trying types of nations of the Southern Europe belong.

Locals go to great lengths to help, and visitors are a valued commodity. Stay in a homestay, and hosts treat friends with infinite cups (or armuda) of tea, snacks and anything. Ask for instructions, and so they would possibly show quite than inform. The youthful ones who converse some English are sometimes pleased to speak about their nation. Giving good hospitality is deeply ingrained in Azerbaijani culture.

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But with their attack on the March eight occasion, the authorities made clear that there can be no real softening of their draconian guidelines. In Azerbaijan, intolerance and repression imply that one thing as simple as a gaggle of women calling for their rights can not not tolerated. But the state has failed to deal with considered one of Azerbaijan’s most difficult issues – the mentality and historically dominant values that rigidly define a woman’s place in Azerbaijani society. It’s not unknown for the police to recruit others to intervene on their behalf, such as supposedly spontaneous counter-protests by avenue cleaners or fruit sellers.

In 2018, WARD drafted the first National Action Plan under UNSCR 1325 – a UN decision acknowledging women’s central position within the prevention and resolution of conflicts, and which calls for his or her participation in peace and safety efforts. If adopted, this would be the landmark doc for the nation’s “women peace and safety agenda”. WARD’s work for ladies’s rights is way needed in a society the place home violence accounts for seventy five% of murdered women (in 2016). WARD combined reports of the Ministry of Internal Affairs with media monitoring, and located that out of a hundred and ten women murdered, 48 have been murdered by their husband, former husband, or companion, whereas 35 women had been murdered by their father, brother, son or different shut relative.

Within the current context of the post-“Arab Spring” period of mediatized connectivity and collective political engagement, this text looks into and analyzes how Azerbaijani women take part in numerous on-line and offline social and political actions, and if (and the way) they are impeded by the elevated state authoritarianism in Azerbaijan. Using data, obtained from on-line information assets, yearly reviews of human rights organizations, focus group discussions, and interviews, the examine detects 4 major activist constellations throughout the Azerbaijani area of gendered politics. Based on the evaluation of situations of detected groups, the article claims that flash mobs, a tactic employed primarily azerbaijani women by liberal activists, emerge as the promising way in overcoming the normative nature of Azerbaijani patriarchal society, thus providing a possibility for normalization and internalization of the feeling of being on the road and appearing in live performance with others—the practices which could lead towards an rising participation of (especially young) women in the political processes of the country. In 2007, WARD established the primary maternity faculty in Azerbaijan, holding informal childbirth courses for anticipating mothers and advocating for a comprehensive education agenda on reproductive health and rights.


She is presently serving her sentence in the women’s jail. Although, as already talked about, women politicians and activists could be seen collaborating in many of Azerbaijani political events—and, once in a while may even occupy high positions—their physical visibility in political protests is proscribed. It may be said that acts of violence in opposition to women throughout political protests, which most of the time are very brutally suppressed by law enforcement businesses and police forces, are saved at minimal, if they do occur in any respect. The interval of the Soviet Union’s rule additional improved the conditions of Azerbaijani women, as via the egalitarian measures launched by the socialist state, women have been capable of take broader work roles within the paid labor force and to gain “greater entry to formal education and to political participation”—and the USSR “played a way more pronounced role in offering social services and in offering a social safety net for household and group maintenance” ([9], p. 39). The outcomes are indicative of a state of affairs the place women activists, active each in the oppositional scene and Azerbaijani our on-line world, share some comparable traits in relation to on-line group of protests or putting calls for collective motion.

Litter might be more visible in rural areas and close to native markets but the capital itself tends to be clear. 23-year-old Zamina wears a chador – an extended black non secular robe that covers the figure from head to toe.

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